Help change the life of the most vulnerable


The Need

The city of Toronto has reached a crisis in homelessness. Every year dozens of people die on the streets. A city rich and vibrant like ours should do more to help those in need.

We know that our services will not eradicate homelessness but we are committed to making life more bearable for those living on the streets by providing basic essential services.


How you can help

You may feel that you are powerless to help the homeless. It is true that finding affordable, permanent housing is one of the solutions to solving our homeless crisis, but there are other ways you can help.


We need your generous donations to help us bring this service to fruition. There are many people who feel helpless and just having access to a shower and clean clothes may help them in changing the trajectory of their lives. 

Click the link below to help to restore dignity and hope to those living on the streets: 


By volunteering a bit of your time you can make a difference in the life of someone who needs it most.

Throughout the year we will also host fundraisers to fund this project. By helping to spread the word about these events we can raise enough funds to help as many individuals as possible.


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We are seeking audacious and brave individuals like you who are tired of looking the way and are eager to help the homeless.

You may contact us using this form or email as at