3 Day Hygiene Challenge

Access to basic hygiene shouldn't be a luxury

One of the many challenges faced by the homeless is having access to basic hygiene facilities. Some homeless people shy away from interacting with others because they are ashamed of their appearance or the fact that they haven't had a bath. Sometimes days at a time. 

We often take for granted our ability to take a shower everyday. Imagine not being able to take a bath for days at a time.  Hygiene On Wheels challenges you to the 3 Day Hygiene Challenge. How long can you go without taking a bath or brushing your teeth? Our friends on the streets face this challenge every day. Put yourself in the shoes and take the challenge!


Nominate three friends for this challenge and donate just $5 to help us convert a decommissioned city bus to a mobile shower with laundry services for the homeless.

Record yourself at the end of each day describing your experience and tell us how you feel.  Post your videos  and nominate 3 people to take the challenge.

Don't think you can take the 3 day challenge? Donate $5 and invite 3 friends to take the challenge. We won't hold it against you. This is a difficult challenge.  You now know what it must feel like for our friends on the streets.

 Help us by sharing the hashtag #3dayhygienechallenge.